Services We Offer

Website Development worldwide www

We will develop your website and create an awesome experience for your customer

Web-site Design & Development

Integrity Technical Support(ITS) provides as much or little as required. Including an entirely new system set-up to up-dating and maintenance right down to tweaking for increased Search Engine Optimization. You can learn more here.

Mobile Web-Site Design & Development

ITS provides mobile responsive Design & Development including 25% shorter keyword strings targeting mobile users. Interested in learning more?

Network Creation

Allow all your computers to talk to each other and use the same business systems more effectively. Network set-up is tricky. Do you want to do it alone? Or would you prefer some guidance? A phone call to ITS is your lifeline to a completely personalized step by step procedure, from start to finish.

New Computer System Set-up

Is your new computer system in boxes, fresh from the store? We can set everything up for you so it all just works from the start. No problems, no hassles. All you do is focus on your business.

New / Used Equipment Purchases

Computers, routers and other supplies are necessary components to any set-up. To find out exactly what you need or are missing, contact us first. Get advice on the best options available for your situation. We can also provide the gear nessessary.

Mobile Websites for every screen size are available here

Building an Mobile Component to your Web-sites of utmost importance as Google and other Search engines will penalize you if you don’t.

Emergency Computer Services

Emergency Computer Services are available as well. Same day or next business day service is available

Emergency Support

Who are you going to call? Us, of course! We can help, either over the phone or by making an on site business call if necessary.

Trouble Shooting & Diagnoses

Hiccups happen. Usually when least expected or at the worst possible time. Timely response, trouble shooting and diagnoses are key to the shortest down-time. Fortunately those are words we live by. We strive to get you back up and running in the least amount of time possible.

Personalized Issue Resolution

Got something going on but aren’t sure what? Just call us. Figuring it out is just one of our specialties. Our passion is computers and everything related to them. Let us help so you can get back to running your business as quickly as possible.


Protection from the hackers and computer viruses that can and will attack your system. We find, eradicate them, and keep them out!


These are your system security guards, keeping all the nastiness out. We make sure it’s working properly and is set up according to your needs.

Search Engine Optimization for your web-site

Excellent Web-Site Development is accompanied by quality SEO / Search Engine Optimization to attract quality customers