Why Mobile?


Optimize Your Mobile Platform

Are you a moving target? In this case you want to be the bulls-eye! Catch’n keep their attention…

Have you noticed that you aren’t getting as much traffic to your site recently? Or do you not have a mobile site at all and want to access all the traffic you know you’re missing out on?

More and more of your customers are becoming a moving target. In order to interact with them, you need to be mobile as well. Over 72% of business executives use their phones to research services and other business products. And 50% of all searches are now mobile with even more on the way…

Google has recognized this and on April 22, introduced Mobilegeddon. It doesn’t affect desk-top search but the effect for mobile users is profound. Mobile optimized sites and pages are the very first to show up with all others falling to the bottom. However, if GoogleBot-Mobile crawls your site, providing you have both mobile and desk-top service, you get indexed twice giving you a friendly boost in ranking.

We can help by:

  • Setting up the entire mobile site if required
  • Increasing load speed by using smaller, simpler pictures and graphics
  • Decrease back clicks
  • Create a unified tone across all platforms
  • Tweak as required to fit your customer requirements
  • Boost rankings on Google
  • Make your web-site responsive so it will fits on any screen